A mother daughter guide to mother's day

Join Pippa & Angelika as they spend the day together doing the things they love.

From arranging a seasonal bouquet to a glass of bubbles in the sun, and a dip in the ocean to finish things off.

We hope your day is filled with love.


Why is making time for activities like flower arranging special to you and your mum Angelika?

"It’s nice to have some one-on-one time, to just catch up – and arranging flowers is something creative we both enjoy. Growing up we always had flowers in the house so there’s a nice bit of nostalgia for us there too." - Pippa

Afternoon bubbles

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a glass of bubbles together?

"Either at home on the deck or somewhere overlooking the water with the addition of a cheeky cheeseboard." - Pippa


Lastly, where is your favourite swimming spot?

"Little Cove, Noosa Heads" - Pippa

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